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wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Dec. 11th, 2004|04:07 pm]
NMB Generation Next Bible Club
Nicole, I have to say I love what you have done with the Gen Next club!!!! You've made being a christian fun and exciting! Oh and I love fellowship friday!!!! Here's a great game we can play!

1. we seperate people into teams.
2. then we take however many bats(1 bat per team)(preferably played outside)
3. each player has to spin with their heads on the bat an then run to a goal line.
4. whoever's team finishes first wins!
Have fun deciding!!!

Oh and I honestly think we should start collecting offering! Ask me about that in person and I will definately explain why!!!!

Love and God bless!!!
Betsy Godoy

[User Picture]From: godsclay
2004-12-12 12:04 am (UTC)
Also, thanks for what you sed about the club if it werent for Lanelle , Michelle, and Mindy along with God's direction it would not be where it is
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